WordPress vs. Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger-Which side of the blogging table are you on? Do you prefer WordPress or Blogger? Here at Diva Designz, we are WordPress fans! WordPress (from wordpress.org) is super easy and in our opinion one of the best blogging platforms available!

Why do we love WordPress? Here are just a few things that make WordPress our top pick:

1. More Customization
With WordPress you can customize your blog anyway you want. You can literally do anything you want with your design. With Blogger, there are not as many options for customizing your blog.

2. Easy to Manage
Managing your WordPress blog is really easy thanks to the clean, uncluttered admin panel. The admin panel is where you will add new blog posts, blog pages, manage comments, change the appearance of your blog, etc.

3. One Click Installation
Most hosting companies offer one click installation through Fantastico. With a self-hosted WordPress blog you will have to pay monthly hosting fees. Hosting fees are minimal, ranging from $10-$20/per month. This is a small investment to pay for your professional blog. You can host your blog with Diva Hosting for $10/month.

4. Free Plugins
The WordPress community has developed hundreds of free plugins to help improve the functionality of WordPress. Plugins allow you to create and change the appearance of your blog, the data you collect, the type of comments you allow, and much more.

5. The Best Templates/Themes
You can choose from hundreds of free themes if you don’t want to invest in a custom theme for your blog. You can change the look of your blog with just a click.

6. Use Your Domain
You can use your own domain on your self-hosted WordPress blogWhen you have a self-hosted WordPress blog on its own domain it looks professional. With Blogger, unless you purchase your own domain name and point it to your blog, your stuck with a xxx.blogspot.com domain name.

7. 100% ownership of your blog
For instance, if you use other blog platforms such as http://www.Blogger.com or http://www.Typepad.com you will be hosting your blog with their companies and will have to abide by their rules and stipulations.

8. Create Your Entire Site
This is my all time favorite feature about WordPress-you can use WordPress to create your entire website, not just your blog! With WordPress, you can create additional informational pages that will allow you to create your entire website so that your site and your blog will match. One example of this is our website. Here is another example: Art of Peace Montessori

What do you think about WordPress? These are just a few features that we like about WordPress What features do you like? Or if you prefer Blogger, tell us why…we would love to know what features you like about WordPress and Blogger!

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