What is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin to encourage comment participation, enhance your current comment system, and increase traffic to blogs. In the “leave a comment” area of a WordPress blog, there will be an option for the commenter to choose to display their latest blog feed headline right under their comment. CommentLuv is beneficial in many different ways and we have outlined them right here for you.

How do I get CommentLuv?
First, you would have to install the plug in into your wordpress. [ download CommentLuv here ] In your WP dashboard, under “Settings”, click on “CommentLuv” (There’s a cute little heart next to it so you can’t miss it) and this is where you go to edit the settings.
CommentLuv will automatically insert itself into your comment form on WordPress.
CommentLuv on Diva Designz
It is recommended that you register your site at ComLuv.com so that you can also select articles to be displayed on other CommentLuv enabled blogs. Don’t forget to fill out your profile (specifically your blog feed address) after you register.
Increase comments on your blog
CommentLuv allows your readers to do some free advertising just by participating. Because you have CommentLuv enabled on your blog, readers who see the badge have more reasons to be an active member of your blog.
Google Do Follow
One little flaw in WordPress is that by default, comment links are “nofollow” which means that google and other bots will not index these links. “Nofollow” has its pros and cons and the most important pro being that it’ll reduce spam. With CommentLuv, your blog feed links are followed by search engine bots which can increase backlinks and is a huge plus for SEO.
Link to relevant blog posts
If you are commenting about a blog post about CommentLuv, the most logical thing to do is select your article about CommentLuv too. Readers who are reading that particular post are more than likely interested in the same topic. If your headline is specific to that topic readers will follow the link to your blog for more information. This is a win-win situation for both party because not only does it show that their blog post is resourceful, you also gain readers who are interested in similar topics.

Show others some Luv
Anyone who owns a blog knows how hard it is to keep up with one. You have to consistently provide readers with great and interesting content for your blog to be worth coming back to. Readers who leave a CommentLuv on your blog most likely shared a blog post they thought was important to them. They just left you a direct trail to that special post so show some love back even if it’s just a simple “Thank you”.
What do you think about CommentLuv?
These are just some points we found were important – important enough for us to incorporate it on our blog! CommentLuv is relatively new on Diva Designz so for those who have used it for some time now what do you have to say about it? If you don’t have CommentLuv yet did this article convince you to install it? We’d love to know!
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