Upgrade your WordPress Site Regularly

If you have been using WordPress for even a short amount of time, you’ve noticed that the WordPress Development team puts out new upgrades and versions of the WordPress software on a semi-regular basis. The goal of the WordPress Development team is to put out new versions every 120 days (or once every 4 months – 3 times a year). Why is this important to you? Most often, WordPress is putting out new versions to bring new, exciting and fun features to the users of WordPress. The Development team is always striving for ways to make WordPress more exciting, useful and efficient for users to publish their content on the web.

Occassionally, however; it is vital that the WordPress Development team put out a new upgrade for security reasons. Like all software, WordPress is not infallable and once in awhile, a vulnerability or security flaw is discovered. This is normal in the world of software (think about how often Microsoft puts out updates and upgrades to fix vulnerabilities, flaws and secure their software?). The good news is that the Development team is generally right on top of any problems that are exposed. WordPress has made it  easy for you to upgrade your installed version of WordPress. It is so easy to accomplish there is NO REASON not to upgrade!

Before upgrading, take a full backup of your site using the BackupBuddy Plugin.

It’s this easy: When there is a new version available, you see an alert at the top of every page of your WordPress Dashboard that looks like this:

See the message there? “WordPress 2.9.2 is available! Please update now.” – all you need to do is click the link that says ‘Please update now” to start the upgrade process. Once you do, you are taken to the Upgrade WordPress page in your Dashboard:


Click the “Upgrade Automatically” button to start the automatic upgrade of WordPress. Once you do that, you see the following messages appear within your Dashboard:

That’s really it. It’s THAT easy! The WordPress Automatic Upgrade tool downloads the latest version from the WordPress.Org servers, unpacks it on your web hosting account, installs it, upgrades your database and finishes the process with a friendly message telling you that your WordPress has been successfully upgraded. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your WordPress installation upgraded and as up to date as possible. You may have heard horror stories about WordPress users having their ‘blogs hacked’ — and it has happened! The blogs were ‘hacked’ because the user was using an old, outdated version of WordPress and did not take the time to upgrade their WordPress software.  Upgrade your WordPress site today. It will only take you a few minutes to complete, and you’ll thank me for it later!

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