The Benefits of Using Commentluv

Comments are part of every blog. Indeed they form an important part of the content of the blog itself. That is why it is highly important that we pay serious attention to comments and commentators on our blogs.

First, a blog is just dead or non-existent without comments. It means that no one is ready to engage with you even if you are providing high quality content.

Second, comments are social proof. With a decent number of average comments per post, you can show that up as a social proof, which is great.

Third, comments are also indexed by the search engines, just like your contents. So if the comments in your blog are of high quality, bots note that too!

Commenting on other blogs and building up backlinks for your own blog is very effective for SEO purposes. The newest means, to encourage readers to comment on your blog and to benefit from your own comments on others’ blogs, is the commentluv plugin.

What is commentluv?

Commentluv is a wordpress plugin that rewards the commenter – simple. It rewards by giving the commenter a do-follow backlink to their own blog. This naturally encourages bloggers to comment more and invest their time in the host blogs with commentluv to build high quality backlinks. What are the other benefits? To acquire the commentluv plugin, all you have to do is download and install the plug into your blog. Installation is just like any other plugin installation at WordPress. No brainer. Then you need to register all relevant details about your site at the members’ page.  The registration is optional. If you don’t register, you can leave a link to your latest post when you comment on other blogs. If you register you have the option to choose from the last 10 posts. This helps to leave a link to a blog post that is more relevant to the one you are commenting at.

Commentluv enabled blogs usually attract a lot of traffic. And the traffic is usually not silent readers but active commentators.  If you concentrate on commenting in blogs with commentluv, you can build very high quality do-follow backlinks. And, if you do this in a consistent manner, you can get great numbers in various statistical measures like Alexa rank, Semrush score, Postrank score etc..

All in all commentluv is a necessary fixture for every blogger who is serious about their SEO purposes and methods. The plugin can deal with most of your SEO struggles and you can easily benefit from the amount of links that will be available for you to build traffic from.

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