Why You Should Be Blogging

It’s true that a lot of time and effort goes into starting and growing a blog.  Being determined to create a quality and informative blog can be a great marketing tool for any business.  As an entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. If executed properly, this can be a smart online marketing strategy and an affordable way to grow your business. Blogging is ‘big business’ among entrepreneurs, writers and those who just want to express themselves through electronic communication. More and more businesses are blogging as they realize the benefits. If you have yet to start a blog, consider these four reasons why you need one : 

1. Build a loyal group of followers 

As you post relevant content regularly, you build a loyal group of followers. As your followers get to know you, they will feel comfortable in passing on leads and referring you to potential clients. Remember the old saying, “people buy and refer people that they know and trust.”

 2.  Get paid for blogging

 If you write good content and build your following, you can get paid by advertisers. You can be compensated for paid reviews, writing articles, a ghostwriting gig or simply by posting ads once your audience is large enough to attract advertisers. There are a may sites that can help you including Link Share, PayPer Post and Sponsored Review.

3. Get exposure across multiple media outlets

 There are several online sites where you can submit your articles for publication to expand your audience and customer base. Here are some outlets worth looking at include Ezine Articles, Associated Content, and Articles Base.

4.  Blogging will give you content to share across social media

Social media as a marketing strategy is a great way to build your business, with minimal to no investment except for your time and effort. Be sure to share your blog articles with your Facebook family, your Twitter friends,  and LinkedIn groups.

There are many more ways that you can promote and market your blog. By incorporating blogging as part of your internet marketing strategy, you can position your business to be found in search engines and greatly expand your audience

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