Top Ten Blogging Tips For 2012

The blogging game can be quite elusive, especially if you are a beginner and still learning the ropes. Excitedly, many people start blogs, run a few posts – both exciting and boring – before fizzling out.

So, how do you keep the fire ablaze and burning? How do you make sure that your blogging adventure doesn’t burn out prematurely? How do you ensure that when you close down your blog, it is because you want to, and not because you’re unable to keep up with it?

Below are ten tips to keep your blogging game ahead of the pack:

1. Your Opinion Counts
People love blogs. It is the new internet addiction, pegged high and next to social networking. For some crazy reason, people derive a lot of pleasure from knowing how other people think. So, tell people exactly what is on your mind in a short, bullet-to-target style and they will love you.
2. Link and Link Some more
If you have a great post done and ready, link it to other contextual resources all over the place. Support your post with relevant links to other web pages.
Nobody enjoys reading through a barrage of words. Hit the nail on the head and do it fast. People are very busy and time is one precious commodity. Do not stall with long and boring opening pages; blast your wits into the reader as soon as they land.
4. 250-Words, period!
The best blog posts are the shortest ones, often delivered in a quick-fire style. Avoid long ones, unless if it infinitely necessary. Long post are easier to forget and harder to put together.
5. Use snappy Headlines
See how editors manage to get people to buy national newspapers on a daily basis. The trick lies in snappy and catchy headlines. Sum up your entire blog post in a catchy headline.
6. Bullets
Everybody loves information presented in a list. It is easy to the eye, palatable and always fresh.
7. Easy to Scan posts
Throw in a sub heading every few paragraphs. Use short sentences that are to the point.
8. Define your style and stick to it
People hate unpleasant surprises. Work on a unique style of delivery and stick to it. Your readers will love you more when they know what to expect.
9. Keywords and more keywords
Since every post bears a theme, litter every post with relevant keywords. Think about what keywords your readers might use to search for your post and use them generously. Make sure the post reads naturally.
10. Finally, edit your posts
Before you hit Publish, proofread and edit your post for errors. Good writing lies in the editing.

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