Tagging Your Posts in WordPress

When you write a new post in WordPress, you have the ability to add Post Tags before you publish your content — this is commonly referred to as ‘tagging’ – but many people don’t know why they should do it, so they often ignore this feature.

Use tags to add some extra meta data, or key words, to your posts.  Search engines use those little tags as key words for their search purposes, and visitors to our site can click on tags to find other articles you’ve written that include those topics.

You may be wondering:  “What is the difference between categories and tags? ” – Think of your categories as your Table of Content and the Tags will be your index. If I wanted find a specific subject/topic, I could search the Tags to see if something specific has been posted. The categories would be used if I was searching for broad topic.  Tags should be short-no more than three word phrases.

Tags can also be looked as being keywords for each page/article you create. These keywords are  sought out and indexed by search engines. Using tags can make it easier for your articles to be found when people search for a topic….with that being said it’s time to make sure you have tags for each of your pages and articles!

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