How to Stop Blogging Without Killing Your Blog

No matter how much you enjoy writing, sharing, and interacting with readers, there will be times when a pregnancy, new baby, illness, or family crisis will make it necessary to take a break from blogging. Thankfully, there are ways to step back without jeopardizing the hard work you’ve dedicated to building your blog.

Carletta Sanders, mom of four and owner of the website, Successful Homeschooling, shares five wayt to keep your blog alive while you’re on hiatus…..

1. Pre-write.

If you know you will be unable to blog for a season, pre-write material to post during that time period. Before the birth of my last child, I spent weeks preparing newsletters to send out during those busy months following his birth. Treat your blog just like any other business, and plan ahead.

2. Solicit Guest Posts.

Guest posts are a great way to generate new content when you’re unable to write it yourself. Contact other bloggers to see if they are interested in submitting posts for your blog. You can also contact experts in your niche to see if they will write an article for you in exchange for the publicity your blog provides.

3. Revive Old Posts.

Leverage work you’ve done in the past by promoting posts from your archives. Make a list of top posts, organize 3-5 posts into a series, or spruce up an outdated post with new findings.

4. Spread a Little Link Love.

If you don’t have time to craft original material, point your readers to other resources. Link to relevant news articles, share helpful tutorials, post YouTube videos, or make a list of your favorite blogs. Writing top five lists that link to other blogs is a quick and easy way to keep blog content fresh. It can also help you build goodwill with other bloggers.

5. Simply announce that you’re taking a break.

Sometimes we lack energy for even the simplest of tasks. If you are truly overwhelmed or in the midst of a crisis, just let your audience know that you won’t blog for awhile. The vast majority of your followers will respect you for your decision, and when you’re ready to return, they’ll welcome you back with open arms.

Carletta Sanders is mom of four and owner of the website, Successful Homeschooling. Take time today to visit her homeschool blog, or follow her on Twitter at @homeschool101.

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