Take Action…Even if You Are Not in the Mood!

Many individuals fail to realize success simply because they’re never in the right mood at the right time. Perhaps you have a press release that needs to be written. But, since you’re tired and your back hurt, you decide to lie down for a bit and work on the press release tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes, you’re stressed out because you got into a fight with your daughter. You definitely need some time to cool off and decide that the press release can wait one more day.

When the third day arrives, you sit down, but you just can’t get into the flow. You have writer’s block and can’t think of a single word to write.

Suddenly a week goes by and you haven’t accomplished a thing. You’re depressed, stressed out and deflated.

It takes quite a bit of courage and discipline to act in spite of how you are feeling. However, in order to take action, no matter how you are feeling, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

1) Write down what you want to accomplish the following day. Your list shouldn’t be overwhelming or impossible to achieve. It’s should be a simple 3 to 5 items that you absolutely promise yourself that you will accomplish. A written action plan keeps you on track especially when you’re not in the mood to work.

2) Focus on the act of completing the project. Stop worrying about how you are feeling and the present moment and focus as opposed to focus on finishing your written action plan. Think about how you’ll feel once you accomplish your task and how happy and proud you will feel that you finished an important job.

3) Just Do It! Nine times out of ten, if you just dive in and start on your task, you’ll end up finishing it. Starting it always the hardest part. However, if you just start writing that press release and stop worrying about the fact that you’re tired, chances are you’ll finish it up in no time at all.

So, the next time that you “just don’t feel like it,” remember this three-step plan. Create your plan of action, focus on how you’ll feel when you finish your task and dive in. You’ll be incredibly proud of yourself in the end.

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