Technical Questions

What if I don’t know the first thing about the internet, or how to start a website?
If you’re interested in starting a website, or online business, but you don’t know where to begin, we can help. Just e-mail us any questions you have and will be happy to talk you through the process! We also have a free ebook to help you get started.

Do I need to be computer savvy?
The better you can navigate your way around the internet and web based programs, the easier this will be for you. If you rarely use the computer, this could be a pretty difficult process for you. We do have some helpful resources for you…view our different Resources page.

What shopping cart and software do you use?
We utilize Zen Cart for ecommerce sites. Click here to learn more about Zen Cart. We utilize WordPress for informational sites. Click here to learn more about WordPress.

Will you integrate any third party software programs for me?
We can integrate third party software, however this requires custom programming. If you’d like a quote, let us know.