Why Social Media is Important

Social media isn’t a fad – Twitters (tweeps) tweeted 4 billion tweets in the first quarter of this year, Facebook has 500 million users, 80 percent of employers use Linkedin as a primary tool to find employees and YouTube enjoys 2 billion views a day.

Here’s why social media is important for your business:

Connect with your customers: Your customers are on Facebook and Twitter; get in front of them and converse with them in their space. You can address questions or complaints quickly and openly.

Build your brand: Social media is open and transparent – and shows off the human side of your business. Your customers – and even future employees – get to see what you’re all about.

Keep your finger on the pulse: Social media tools allow you to monitor conversations about your brand, your products, your industry and your competition; and react accordingly.

Part of your SEO strategy: Influence how and where your business is discovered via search as social content can boost links to website content, improving search traffic.

Take on the Goliaths: In social media size doesn’t matter so much; engaging with your community does. Social media tools are not only accessible to any business at low cost, they’re also new – so we’re all learning, even the biggest businesses.

Increase media coverage: A presence in social media will help get you noticed (hopefully for the right reasons) organically, rather than ‘pushing’ your PR.

A source of great leads: Building a community around your brand through the social web increases lead generation, impacting on sales.

It looks like social media is here to stay-embrace it and use it to your advantage!

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