Using Blog Carnivals to increase your blog traffic


Blog Carnivals are a fun and unique way to drive more traffic to your website. Blog Carnivals are the compilation of blog articles on a specific topic and are based around three primary groups:  Authors, Writers, and Readers. A blog carnival usually comes in the form of a blog article with a list of links to all of the articles submitted within the topic. Blog carnivals are great tools for driving more traffic to your website as each time you write a new blog article you can submit it to relevant carnivals. Those carnivals are then published to readers who will click on links to your blog articles to read your content.

Blog Carnival topics will vary and can be about anything! Some of the main benefits of using Blog Carnivals are:

  • Attracts new visitors to your website
  • Increases your overall website traffic
  • Creates inbound links to your blog articles
  • Increases the chance of your content going viral
  • Provides an opportunity to build relationships with blog carnival authors
  • Might help you increase your RSS subscribers

1st Web Designer, a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web-developers and designers, wrote a great article that goes into details about how to set up and participate in Blog Carnivals. You can read the article here.



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