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Twitter is all the rave right now so there are lots of cool twitter tools to help you manage your twitter account.  A new tool I recently discovered is TweetChat. As with many twitter tools, this one can be used in a variety of ways.

TweetChat allows you to put any hashtag you might want to follow or use into a box at the top. Once you do, you will see every tweet in the last few weeks with that hashtag displayed on the screen. If you log into your twitter account through the site you will also see a ‘tweet’ box at the top where you can enter your own text and send a tweet – with one difference – every tweet you write will have the hashtag automatically affixed at the end. No need to type it in, worry about forgetting it or mis-spelling it.

(Note: if you don’t know what a hashtag is, it’s also known as a ‘pound sign’ and looks like this: #.  An example of a typical twitter hashtag is something like #ff, which is short for #followfriday – and just so you know, you can use either one…)

 A few ways you can use TweetChat

Create Your Own Conversation: You can create your own conversation by choosing a hashtag. No one owns hashtags, just check and see if the one you want to use has been used in the last month or so. If it hasn’t, you can ‘claim it’ and start using it – and you can use TweetChat to check, just enter the tag at the top and see what shows up. It’s a good idea to do a quick search on Twitter too, just in case.

Once you select your hashtag, you put it in your own tweets, invite people to participate and you can share a conversation.

Give Participants A Way To Interact With You: During teleseminars or online radio interviews, if you use a hashtag and share TweetChat with your listeners, they can post questions and interact with you during the call or interview. It gives them a way to feel like they are participating more and being heard, and it lets you address what they want to know without having to open noisy call-in phone lines.

Follow What People Are Sharing Or Share Yourself: You can also use TweetChat to watch what people are sharing and add your own information to the mix. For example, many people share music on Mondays – the hashtag is #musicmonday. You can share your own musical interests, or see what others have posted. (You can also do this kind of a search within Twitter or another twitter client like Hoosuite, TweetChat is best used for conversational purposes, but you can do this if you like.)

TweetChat is one of the best twitter tools you can add to your tool box, it’s very versatile and adds to the depth of your ability to use twitter for your business. There are lots of twitter tools out there….what’s your favorite twitter tool?

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