Twitter is Child’s Play

All I Really Need to Know About Twitter, I Learned In Kindergarten

There are still plenty of small business owners who don’t quite understand the whole Twitter phenomena. Sure, they understand the basics behind Twitter like how to open up an account and how to send out a Tweet. Once you understand how to utilize Twitter, it becomes a dynamic marketing tool that brings you loads of leads and eventually makes you oodles of sales.

Jessica Swanson, founder of Shoestring Marketing, shares five simple reasons why Twitter is “child’s play” (as long as you play by the rules):

1.  Play fair. Believe it or not there actually are “rules” to follow on Twitter. Some of the rules are official (no spamming, no defaming, no aggressive behavior), and some are set by the community itself. And, the rules from the Twitter community couldn’t be simpler: listen and interact. 

2.  Don’t hit people. There’s nothing worse than getting hit square on the head by a Twitter spammer. (And, as soon as you’re part of the Twitter community, you’ll meet plenty of them!) So, never, ever aggressively sell yourself or your products. Not only will no one like you or play with you, you’re likely to get kicked right off of Twitter.

3.  Share everything. Twitter is a place to share tips, hints and strategies about your industry. So, go ahead and share a link to your latest blog post, share a link to a great podcast and forward a favorite industry quote.

4.   Say you’re sorry if you hurt someone’s feelings. If you accidentally offend someone or make someone sad, go ahead and say you’re sorry. Always remember that your followers are real people with real feelings…if you think of them that way, you are destined to succeed!

5.  Live a balanced life. Sure, once you “get” Twitter, you’ll be giddy with how powerful it can be. In fact, you may even be tempted to spend hours a day connecting with your Tweeple. But, make sure that Twitter is just one of the marketing tools in your marketing toolbox. Balance your marketing and balance your life.

So, the next time you’re on Twitter, look at it through the eyes of a child, you may see that it’s not so difficult after all.


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