The New Google Share Button

Google has officially launched a new share button, +1,  that allows your website visitors to recommend your content. +1 also works for search results and paid search ads, as well as Google’s other properties like You Tube.

Martina,  a small business marketing consultant and owner of the Small Business Bliss blog, shares her opinion on the new share button:

It’s similar to how the Facebook like button works, in that you can see how many people have given the content props and if someone in your Google network has +1ed something (that really doesn’t work that well as a verb ), you will see their name. It’s yet another way to share and promote content, and since it’s Google’s own, I’m gonna bet that it will make a big difference in search result rankings.

Here’s Google’s explanation of the +1 button:

In order to use +1, you’re going to have to create yet another social media profile, this time a Google one.

And this is where I think the kicker is. It only takes a minute to set up the profile, but will regular folks actually bother? Google has made other forays into social, and they flopped big time.

So on to whether or not you should care about this for your small business…

I say YES if…

  • getting good search engine rankings is crucial to your business (ie. your customers find you by searching on Google)
  • your target market is techie, internet savvy people that would be more likely to adopt something like this

If the above  points don’t apply to your small business, I say don’t worry about it for now. Your to-do list is already long enough. Wait it out and see if this will actually catch on. I will definitely keep you all updated if it becomes a must-have phenomena that is being adopted the web over.

If you’re gonna give the button a go, SocialMouths has some great links for getting it going in WordPress. If you’re not on WordPress, or don’t do the backend stuff yourself, you’ll have to get your web guy or gal to do it for you. If you’re technically inclined and aren’t afraid of website code, here is where you can get the code from Google.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the debate around this new button, check out what Outspoken Media has to say.

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