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If you’re a small business, one of the goals of your marketing strategy is to drive more traffic to your website, where you can convert those visitors into leads. To generate traffic, you need to publish great content that is interesting and useful to your target market. You can write a blog, newsletter, white papers, press releases, articles, how-to guides, whatever, and then you’ll push out all of that content to your audience via email or social media

SocialToaster makes it easy to push out all that content! SocialToaster is a hosted software platform that allows your organization’s supporters, or Brand Ambassadors, to drive traffic to your web site via their social networks by granting your organization permission to automatically post links to their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn. SocialToaster is the only solution of its kind to provide advanced real-time reporting and social analytics featuring full end-to-end tracking from link promotion through to lead-capture and revenue generation.
Check out the video below to learn more about SocialToaster:

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