5 Easy Steps to Audit Your Social Media Profiles


With the start of 2012, it’s a fabulous time to do what I like to call a “social media audit”.

So what’s that?

A social media audit is your opportunity to have a look at the message you are conveying on your social media profiles. We’re talking about your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn plus any others you frequent – all of them. Don’t forget about any business pages you may have created.  Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn all offer this option.

What is the message you are conveying and is it consistent with where you are heading in 2012?

I can guarantee for many of you reading this article, where you started with your business goals and direction at the beginning of 2011 is vastly different to where you are now and what you are looking to achieve in 2012.

So, take a moment and ask youself the following:

1. Is your message consistent across ALL your social media platforms?  If it is not, you’ll confuse your target audience as your message will be “fuzzy”.

2. Does your message match where you are today and where you are heading in 2012?

3. Are your current products and services correctly reflected on your social media profiles.  In business, we tend to evolve in what we offer our customers and clients.  Have you updated your profiles to reflect this?

4. Are the website URLS you have included on your social media profiles still current?

5. Is your branding and are your photos current?  Do they reflect your direction for 2012 and are they an accurate picture of you and your business?

Follow the five simple steps above and you’ll ensure that the message you are conveying on social media is exactly what you wish people to hear.

Wendy Moore is the founder of http://www.savvywebwomen.com and creator of the Savvy List Building Blog – the information packed resource that shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to get in front of an audience that wants to buy what they are selling. To receive your FREE Special Report and weekly how-to articles to expand your online List Building toolkit, visit http://www.wendymoore.net.

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