Protecting Your Digital Profile

More and more companies are strarting to use social media to identify and screen potential employees. According to a survey from the Society of Human Resource Management, more companies are recruiting via social networking. It’s no surprise that almost 100 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn. What might be news is that Facebook is the next most utilized Social Media site (58%), followed by Twitter (42%).

In addition to being careful about what you post, it’s a good practice to give pause before giving access. In other words, think twice about to whom and to which sites you give access to your Facebook profile. You are who you “hang” out with — one and offline; make sure you know the friends who have access to your profiles and that everyone you are connected to is carefully considering what they post to your wall or the photos you’re tagged in.

For all intents and purposes, Google is your first resume. In this digital age, everything you say (or post) can and will be used against you. Run a red light? Cameras are there to catch it. Fall in a fountain accidentally? Someone is filming on a flip cam and uploading to YouTube before you dry off. In this day and age, when walking on the street can inadvertently turn you into an overnight celebrity, everything is on the record and privacy has basically gone out the window.

So remember, your digital profile is your lasting legacy. Pay attention to your posts, your friends and your privacy settings to stay on the right track.

What other things worry you about the impact of the digital realm?

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