How to promote your new website

You just launched a your new website! Congratulation! But now comes the hard part-how do your promote your new website? Desiree Wolfe, owner of DW Virtual Services, has some great tips and ideas on promoting your new site.

Promoting a new website is just like promoting a new business. You have to make announcements either through your email address book, press releases, Facebook, etc.

Marketing and promoting your website is an on-going effort. Please don’t expect an overnight sensation unless you have a run of good luck. Listed below are just a few of my suggestions for getting traffic to a new website:

1. Email all your friends and family inviting them to check it out.

2. Create a formal announcement, like a press release and submit it to the appropriate outlets – either through a distribution service or yourself.

3. Create a flyer or postcard to distribute to local retail outlets that have a common interest to your product or services. Do you make quilts? Ask your local fabric store if you can drop off a few cards or flyers.

4. Engage in social media. Do you have a Twitter account? Announce your new website there and on Facebook. Create a company Facebook page and invite your friends and family. Ask them to invite their friends to join the page. *(I can’t stress the importance of this one. You have to engage with your customers and build relationships with them.)

5. If you have a Facebook/Twitter, etc. account –USE IT! Engage in conversation. Search for people with similar interest of your service or product.

6. Run a special open house sale. People like the thought of things on sale. They want to feel like they’re getting a good deal. Use a special “LIMITED TIME” code and stick to it.

7. This one is very important – please pay attention! When you participate in message boards, forums, etc. include your website in your signature! I don’t know how many times people post things without their company/website information. If you want business please don’t make me search for it.

These are just some of my marketing tips. I’d love to hear what other Mom’s have implemented – both good and bad.

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