How to Create an Effective Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are still valid ways to keep in touch with your customers, prospective customers, and network in general. Be sure to use the following tips to help you create a newsletter that your readers will look forward to reading:

1. Keep it short. If you learn nothing else, remember this: keep your newsletter short–three articles at most, all of which are short. Otherwise, you are basically wasting your time writing stuff that no one will read. Therefore, you really need to focus on publishing information that your readers will find useful and interesting.

2. Skip the intro. Intros to newsletters are basically little previews of the newsletter, right? Well, if your newsletter is short anyway, your readers don’t need you to tell them what to expect. It’s far better to just focus on the headlines and content.

3. Focus on headlines. If you want to grab your readers’ attention and actually tempt them to read something in the newsletter, write the most compelling headlines possible: quick tips, a numbered list of top whatever, must-haves/can’t miss lists, etc.

4. Keep best info up top. Put your most interesting or useful article at the top of the newsletter so it will be more likely to get read. If you want your readers to take action on something, like signing up for a webinar, definitely put that information at the beginning. Keep more general industry news at the bottom.

5. Include images. Readers are always drawn to images, especially of people Just include high-quality images that are related to what you are writing about and not for the sake of visual interest alone.

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