Free ebook: How to Use Facebook for Business

More and more businesses are jumping into social media! It’s been proven that online tools like Twitter and Facebook are an effective – and inexpensive – way to reach potential buyers.

A huge shout out goes to the staff at HubSpot for providing a free ebook on how to use Facebook to reach more potential buyers online.
HubSpot provides tools and expertise to make Internet marketing simple and easy for your business.

Here are just a few of the tips included in the free ebook:

•Use Facebook’s ad builder to find out how many of your prospects are already on Facebook by filtering on criteria like age or interests.
•If doing Facebook ads, choose the pay-per-click (PPC) billing option to get lots of brand impressions at a low cost, because the click through rates for Facebook ads are notoriously low.
•Use Friend Lists to customize your privacy settings for business and personal contacts.
•Add interesting and engaging content to your Business Page to maximize your exposure to your fans and their networks. Every time a user interacts with you, their activity will get published to their news feed, which is seen by all of their friends.
•Add free-form HTML applications to your Page for fully customized content, including special offers and links with SEO credit back to your website.
•Use Facebook Insights (Facebook’s built-in analytics) to measure engagement on your Page, including comments, clicks, and page views.

The ebook includes everything you need to know to get started using Facebook to reach and engage more potential buyers online.

Click here to download the full 22-page ebook.

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