The New Facebook Timeline

 Facebook has introduced their latest changes and updates-The new Facebook Timeline. This new features gives users the option to show as little or as much as they want of their lives in an elegant vertical timeline of photos, events, status updates and more. Below are a some highlights of the new timline feature:

9 Facebook Timeline Changes and Features

  1. Cover – Fill this wide, open space with a unique image that represents you best. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.
  2. Square Profile Photo – no more worrying about how it crops. One size fits all here.
  3. Your Stories – Share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and life events on your timeline. This is where you can tell your story from beginning, to middle, to now.
  4. Star Or Remove – Star your favorite moments to make them widescreen, or remove the ones you want to hide.
  5. Your Apps – The movies you quote. The songs you have on repeat. The activities you love. Now there’s a new class of social apps that let you express who you are through all the things you do.
  6. Play music – The music you listen to is on your timeline, so friends can listen along.
  7. Maps – As you record your travel and places you have checked into in Facebook Places, your profile will show these on a map that can be displayed in the profile. You can also mark where you were born, similar to Google+ profile maps.
  8. Archive Access – One feature of social networks that we have rarely had access to until now is our archives. Recording our thoughts and actions every day, week, or month on Facebook or Twitter offers awesome access to a running history we are creating. Facebook now helps get access to the long line of content we have created through ttimeline.
  9. Channels – Your timeline displays a basic info section very similar to the info currently displayed below your name at the top of the current profile. Next to the new info section are 4 channels that users can control. Think of these as widgets. Similar to the original Facebook profile users will now be able to add blocks of information that they want besides just their wall. The 4 default widgets are friends, photos, map, and likes. Others you can add include/remove include subscribers, subscriptions, notes, apps, content consumed (Hulu, Spotify, etc).

This is just a basic overview of the new Facebook changes. If you would like a more in depth breakdown of the Facebook timeline features and how to use them, I recommed checking out this Inside Facebook spotlight.

What do you think about these changes and how do you plan on utilizing them?

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