Create Back Links to Your Website

Web site links are like gold online, the more your website has the better its ranking will be. Link building can be extremely time consuming and can seem like a fruitless task but it’s worth it. Here are 10 ways that you can easily build links back to your site:

1. Blog Comments – find blogs that are relevant to your industry and business and post appropriate comments with a link back to your website.

2. Directories – there are gazillions of websites that simply list the URL’s of other website (rather like the Yellow pages but online). Submit a link to your site on the ones that have a good page rank. Avoid the ones that ask for payment or reciprolinks to save you.

3. Articles – if you blog regularly or write articles then use that great content and submit your articles to online articles sites. Again, choose articles sites that have a high ranking like Ezine articles.

4. Events – if your business is a service that regularly hosts events then list your events and link back to your site in so doing.

5. Social Networks – use your social networking presence to link back to your site. These links count and are really easy to create.

6. Relationships – ask partners, clients and organizations you are a member of to place a link on their site back to yours.

7. Bookmarking – sites like Delicious or Stumble Upon allow you to submit sites that you like. Submit your own (carefully) to build valuable links back to your site. Read this article for more.

8. Press Releases – if your company regularly creates promotional pieces or press releases, use free PR release sites: submit your press releases to these sites with a link back to your website. Here’s an article all about how to go about doing so.

9. Content – make sure that the content on your website or blog is great. The better it is the more likely people will find it and link back to it.

10. Advertising – consider advertising online.  Not only does it bring visitors to your site who might link to your content (see 9 above) but it also gives you the ability to link back to your site from other high ranking sites.

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