Common Blog & Web Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

How does your website or blog look?  Does it look smart and organized?  Or does it look dumb and cluttered?  Many underestimate the need to establish effective blog  and web designs in their rush to start blogging or to create a website.

To improve your blog or web design, here are a few common design mistakes and how to fix them.

Look and feel

  1. Problem: Does your site look cluttered? Are visitors bombarded with lots of ads and/or widgets that obstruct your content? If so, they may feel it’s too hard to find and read your blog.  Solution: Streamline advertising and widgets on your blog.
  2. Problem: Does your site lack branding or look unprofessional? Think through your brand elements since this helps build memorability. Your blog’s branding should contain dominant, consistent elements of your organization’s brand. Solution: Create a branded look and feel that draws from your brand. Invest in a professional designer or firm.
  3. Does your sight contain an unfortunate choice of colors? This includes vibrant colors that hurt readers’ eyes, pale colors readers that can’t be read, colors that are difficult to distinguish. Check whether your color selection is colorblind-friendly. Solution: Select two or three colors in line with your brand that are appropriate to your audience.

Typeface and legibility

  1. Problem: Is your typeface illegible? If prospects can’t read your content, they’ll leave. Solution: Choose a typeface that’s clear, easy-to-read and consistent with your brand. 
  2. Problem:  Do you have poor line spacing? Is the text either too squished together or too spaced out? Is it consistently aligned, preferably on the left side? Solution: Adjust the line spacing to fit into your overall blog layout.
  3. Problem: Does your site contain long blocks of text? Break up content with bolding and bullet points to aid reader comprehension. Solution: Make your content easy to scan.
  4. Problem:  Does your site have inconsistent page layout?  Does each page look like a different person developed it? This detracts from your site’s presentation and authority. Solution: Ensure all pages regardless of type have consistent colors, typeface, graphics, and layout.

Website Navigation

  1. Problem: Is your site easy to navigate? Can visitors understand how to move from one section to another? Is horizontal navigation used? Are there other ways to get around the blog? Solution: Ensure that there’s more than one way to navigate your blog. Best of articles and links count.
  2. Problem: Is your site’s important information above-the-fold? Put essential content and functionality into the sites’s prime real estate.
    Check your website on different machines and formats since the above the fold will change.
  3. Problem:  Does your website have an About page? It supports your credibility by letting readers know who’s behind the blog. Solution: Create an About page that has personalityand a photograph.
  4. Problem: Does your website contain contact information? What if prospects use your blog to find out more about you and your organization and want to complete a sale or hire you? Make sure that you offer multiple ways for readers to communicate with you. Solution: Provide multiple ways for readers to contact you. Think phone, email and social media.

Implementing these changes can really help your website stand out and accomplish your buisness goals!


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