Can Twitter Really Help Your Business?

Social Networking is really great for keeping in touch with your family and friends and even finding new friends or reconnecting with long lost family members. Twitter is one of the newest and latest social networking channels that allows you to follow the activities friends and family members. However, many in business truly wonder if Twitter can help in their business goals and endeavors. Well the answer is: “YES”. Here are a few ways you can use Twitter to help you in your business:

1. You can share knowledge daily in your industry of choice with those who can help give you a great reputation on the web. Now a days it only takes one person to blast your company name into the Web for the better or for the worse. If you are being spoken about as someone who twitters daily on business subjects that matter then Twitter has already helped you. You can parlay the increased traffic to your daily tweets to your website. This of course can translate into sales!

2. Many have heard of HootSuite. This is a great website that works in collaboration with Twitter. This site allows you to actually schedule when your tweets go out, so you don’t have to be online all day and night, which is a great benefit for business owners. This is something worth checking out and makes Twitter a real option for business owners. HootSuite allows you to use lists to keep track of those following you and is great for business owners as well for marketing purposes.

3. Many have heard of re-tweeting, but don’t know how it can help them in business. Re-tweeting is simply passing along a great tweet you got from someone else. Reciprocity is still big in business and if you develop the habit of paying it forward or mentioning other business owners in a good light and recommending them and their tweets, they will no doubt do the same for you.
Remember social networking is still “Networking” and many of the same rules of thumb can apply when using websites like “Twitter.” For more creative ideas, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you get started on your social networking path!

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