Article Marketing-What To Do and What NOT To Do!

Article marketing is a great way to boost incoming links and increase page rankings for your website. It’s a great way to connect with new prospects and grow your business. Here are a few important article marketing dos and don’ts to get the most from this marketing strategy:

1. Do include a link to your website. While many article marketing directories do not allow you to place links in the body of your article, they do encourage you to link to your website or webpage in your author box or bio. Always include a link to your website.

2. Do make sure your article is on a subject related to your business. Some business owners make the mistake of writing content that is popular or in high demand in the hope that someone will read the article and click through to their website on an entirely different subject. For example, writing an article on home-made dog treats and then including a link to your dating website just doesn’t make any sense. Your article won’t have the impact you want it to and any links you do generate will be coming from dog sites, not dating sites, which won’t help your SEO.

3.  Do spell check your content. Article directories do not check your article for spelling and grammar before they publish it. That’s your job.

4.  Do repurpose quality content you already have to publish on article marketing sites.

5.  Don’t publish the same article on different marketing sites; this is duplicate content and can get you in trouble with article marketing sites.

6.  Do pay attention to the specs for each article marketing site.

7.  Do provide valuable and original content.

8. Do provide relevant facts and figures to give your article credibility and authority. These are the articles which are published often.

9.  Do format your article for reading online. That means short paragraphs, bullet points and lists, subheadings and a clear structure.

10.  Do write a polished bio – you’re an expert, so present yourself like one.

11.  Do include a call to action in your biography. Inspire and motivate readers to click through to your website.

12.  Do choose article marketing sites that provide statistics so you can see which articles are published most often and viewed most often.

13.  Do categorize your articles appropriately so readers can find you.

14. Do give your articles captivating headlines! Grab your reader’s attention.

Each article marketing site or directory will have their own publisher’s agreement for you to review and approve. Be sure you’re aware of what the site requires and allows before you submit an article to them, and make sure you’re submitting to a directory that gets enough traffic to make your efforts worthwhile. Following these article marketing dos and don’ts will help you reach your article marketing efforts quickly.

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