50 tweetable ideas for the small business owner

One of the main questions from small business owners regarding Twitter is, “What in the world do I Tweet about?” There are millions of prospects on Twitter so your Tweets should be valuable and educational. If you need some tweetable ideas, check out the list below. I am sure you can find at least one item form the list that you can tweet about!

50 Tweetable ideas for the small business owner

1) Share a relevant quote from your industry.

2) Link to your blog post.

3) Link to someone else’s blog post.

4) Share a link to a video at: http://www.TwitVid.com

5) Share industry tips.

6) Ask questions.

7) Answer questions.

8)  Share a cool, new tool that you just discovered.

9)  Start a new discussion within your industry.

10) Join a  discussion within your industry.

11) Re-tweet relevant tweets that your followers will enjoy.

12) Share a picture at: http://www.TwitPic.com

13) Link to one of your published articles.

14) Link to someone else’s published article.

15) Share a link to one of your recent press releases.

16) Post updates while attending a conference.

17) Share a link to your podcast.

18) Let your followers know about an upcoming interview.

19) Brag about your favorite clients and customers.

20) Ask for help solving a problem.

21) Share a link to your online radio show.

22) Create informal mastermind groups at: http://grouptweet.com

23) Generate quick polls at: http://www.TweetPoll.com

24) Give away free stuff (ebooks, reports, audios, etc.)

25) Review a product pertinent to your industry.

26) Review a book relevant to your industry.

27) Set up a #TweetUp to meet your twitter friends in-person.

28) Offer great customer service.

29) Find Joint Venture partners.

30) Brag about a job well done by another company or individual.

31) Provide your expert opinion.

32) Tweet out your eZine.

33) Promote your live event.

34) Promote your virtual event http://www.Tweetvite.com

35) Showcase your work.

36) Promote your new product or ebook.

37) Host a contest.

38) Build relationships with bloggers.

39) Build relationships with PR people.

40) Share a link to your Hubpage: http://www.Hubpages.com

41) Share a link to your Squidoo lens: http://www.Squidoo.com

42) Announce the upcoming launch of a new product or service.

43) Redistribute content.

44) Share a link to a powerpoint presentation on http://www.SlideShare.com

45) Take questions from the audience whenever you participate in a teleseminar or conference.

46) Form a group for your customers and clients at: http://grouptweet.com

47) Tell an industry joke.

48) Rant about something not done well in your industry.

49) Solve a problem that your target market is facing.

50) Toot your own horn. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion.

What do you think about this list? Did you find at least one item you can tweet about?

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