Work Smart To Expand Your Business

As an overworked entrepreneur, you may it find it difficult to balance work and play.  Play time can actually enhance our businesses!  Taking the time to meet and connect with people is just as important as replying to emails and working on new growth strategies for your business. We all need the occasional girls nite out, a nite out on the town, or just some good old-fashioned ME time!

So how do we find that balance?  One way is by choosing to work SMART!  How do we work smart?  Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Learn to Say No!

Now that you have developed an innovative business concept and launched your business,  you have got to learn to say NO!  Your family, friends, colleagues, grocery store clerks, pet groomer and everyone in between will  constantly ask you for “favors.” There is nothing wrong with being a giving person but remember you can’t build a successful business by being someone else’s yes woman. If you are constantly giving, when do you have the time, energy or clarity to focus on you and your business?  It’s okay to say No.

2. Figure out what isn’t working

Our goal is to work smart, not hard.  Each of our actions should relate to a goal. For example, I have a goal to increase the number of weekly posts I write for this blog. Are my daily actions and activities helping me achieve this goal?  By analyzing and prioritizing my daily and weekly business activities, I am able to indentify the ones that aren’t helping me achieve this goal.  I know I need to focus more on those activities that will help me reach goals I have established for my business. If you have tasks  that are not effective in helping you reach your goal, trash them!  Free up this time to work on more effective tasks and activities which will ultimately lead to more free time to have some fun.

3. Automate or delegate activities

 Are there any tasks that you can automate or perhaps delegate?  Do you spend time sending an email just to notify the sender that you received it and will get back to them soon? Set up an auto-reply responder and move on to another task!  It’s good to learn to delegate duties also. I know you may be thinking that no one can do the job as good as you can….that’s not true! Most of the time we are just scared to let go and let someone else do it for us!  If you have support staff, let them support you.  If you need support staff consider hiring a virtual assistant. I utilize two virtual assistants and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Click here to read more about  The Gifted Assistant and Virtual Work Team. Delegate some activities to your assistants/support staff and use this time to get out and have a little fun!

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