What To Put in Your Email Newsletters

When creating the content for your email newsletters, keep your website goals in mind.You want your newsletter to back up your marketing and communications plans, but you also want to provide your customers the information they want and need. Here are few ideas for your small business to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Special promotions and contests (consider doing some that are only for your email peeps. Customers love to feel special).
  • Do you blog? Use your posts as content in the newsletter. Now that was easy!
  • Introduce a new product, or have a featured product section.
  • Share news about your small business (but make sure that this doesn’t take over the whole newsletter. Create a balance between self-promotion and useful information for your customers).
  • News and updates about your industry in general.
  • Inspiration – case studies, testimonials, positive outcomes of using your product or service.
  • What are the most common customer questions you get? Why not answer them in your email?
  • General education and information about your industry or service. What information would be useful/interesting to your readers? Think about your target market. If mom’s are the lifeblood of your small biz, what interesting tidbits about parenting could you share to make their lives easier? Find ways to connect your small business to broader topics.
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