WAHM Personality Traits

Working at home takes a certain set of personality traits. So any moms or who are considering a work at home endeavor should take a good look at their own personality before getting started working at home. Here are three traits you must have to be a successful work at home mom:

Be Organized: Most companies have built-in organization systems that we don’t notice, i.e. payroll policies, requisition forms, schedules, filing cabinets, etc. But a work at home mom must put her own systems in place. If you find it hard to stay organized either at the office or at home, bringing the two together will not make it easier. Home and work schedules, tasks, and priorities can become hopelessly entangled without a proper organization system.

Be Flexible: Flexibility is one of those personality traits we can appreciate in others more than we may like to cultivate it in ourselves. Most of us prefer to reap the benefits of someone else’s flexibility. But flexibility must go both ways. A work at home moms may need to work weekends or late nights. Being flexible about hours can be a necessity.

Be Focused: Working at home leaves you open to many distractions. For the work at home mom, staying focused on the task at hand is very important. And who most often distracts you? The kids, of course! Deciding whether outside childcare is needed is an important first step developing a work-at-home career. However, maintaining focus amid distractions is a constant, with or without child care.

Although there are more traits you can add to your personality as your home business grows but for now these three are a great start to your work at home success.

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