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Urban Interns-The Future of Work

Urban Interns was created to meet the needs of the new job market. The world of work is no longer just “another day at the office.”

Urban Interns is an online marketplace that connects high-growth companies with talented candidates looking for internships, part-time jobs, freelance work and contract positions. It’s a faster, easier way to build your team.

The way we work and staff are changing. Why?

  • Small businesses are growing quickly, but full-time help is often more (or more expensive) than what they need.
  • Talented people are looking for flexible, part-time work to gain experience, increase their earnings, or both.
  • Technology makes it easy to accomplish many tasks from anywhere, anytime.

This unique online marketplace allows employers and those looking for work to post their information, find the right match, and connect quickly and easily. Employers can develop lasting connections with a roster of potential candidates and manage a robust talent pipeline. Job seekers can find access to unique growing companies with open part-time and freelance positions and internship opportunities.

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