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Maybe you’re already tweeting like crazy. Or maybe you think the concept of Twitter is crazy. Either way, you know that 100 million plus Twitter users can’t be wrong, and now you want someone to  help with managing your tweets.  There has been an increasingly popular trend of businesses hiring social media experts/assistants.

Here’s a checklist of a few easy items that social media assistant can help you with:

Set a Schedule – Because Twitter makes updates in real time, the more you tweet, the more often you’ll appear at the top of your followers updates. To stay relevant and on your followers’ pages think about how often you’d like to tweet. Set-up a tweet schedule and stick to it!

Add Apps – You may want to tweet ten times a day but who has the time? Instead, why not ask your Urban Intern to use a Twitter application to easily manage your account. My favorite app is Hoot Suite. It allows you to create an account so tweets can be scheduled in advance. Automatic direct messages can also be set-up when your account has a new follower.

Find Some Interesting Folks to Follow – Now that you’re set-up, it’s time to start finding some key people to “follow”. Presumably these are folks who are notable in your industry, are always in the know, or maybe are just funny! How do you locate them? First, search Twitter for industry keywords and leaders. Next, check out their followers to find other people you’d like to hear from. Speed up the process by using Twellow, a Twitter app, that allow you to find other users based on similar interests.

If  Twitter seems like it’s too time consuming for you (or simply not you’re interest), you’re in luck! There are tons of people out there who love Twitter  and would really love to call Twitter Time a job!  Here’s a few companies I recommend:

Gifted Assistant Management Services-provides social media marketing services and day to day administrative assistance to entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits. Partnering with them gives you more time to focus on what you do best-run your business! @giftedassistant

Virtual Work Team-their clerical services really allow clients to focus on the more important parts of their business. While the list here is not all inclusive, clerical sercvics include calendar and social networking management, customer support, and typing and transcription services. @virtualworkteam

Urban Interns– an online marketplace that connects high-growth companies with talented candidates looking for internships, part-time jobs, freelance work and contract positions. It’s a faster, easier way to build your team. @urbaninterns

Check out these recommendations today so your business can get Twitter Savvy!

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