The Little PINK Book

The Little PINK Book is “the No. 1 online resource for America’s more than 65 million working women.”  PINK delivers career tools, tactics and strategies along with inspiring stories to support women in their efforts toward more success at work and more joy in life. No other national media group focuses exclusively on women’s professional development.

Little PINK Book, think Daily Candy meets professional women, has seen amazing success. With content from corner office smarts to a wardrobe that works at work, LPB goes out to career-focused women nationwide via more than 1.4 million e-Notes every month! PINK exists to promote this new generation of women who are making a significant impact on the world through their work and their lives-while being true to themselves.

Throughout your life pink has been symbolic. Since the day you were born and a pink cap was placed upon your head, the color partly defined who you were and who you felt you could or could not become. At times pink was confining, girlish, degrading, liberating or all of these.But today a growing number of women who are at or heading for the top are comfortable with their own pinkness – the color, the attitude, and the opportunity it represents. They are embracing their femininity along with their strength, their compassion and resilience, power and passion.

PINK shares stories of remarkable individuals, along with expert advice, cutting edge data and emerging trends to help women gain more financial independence, more equity and more opportunity in the workplace.

Little Pink Book delivers all that’s new, noteworthy and wise for your career, arriving every weekday right to your Inbox in the form of an e-Note. It’s short, sweet and pretty, too! Sign up today for your FREE subscription!

  Little Pink Book Little Pink Book Little Pink Book  


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