Ten Effective Offline Marketing Ideas

How many entrepreneurs are spending long days on their computers just trying to keep up with all the email, tweets, FB posts, videos, podcasts, ezines and so forth? It’s enough to drive a fair number of people crazy (myself included). While you still need a Website, and you probably want to keep marketing online too, what else can you do? I say go old school…

Below are ten highly-effective offline marketing ideas that don’t have anything to do with the Internet, email, or your social networking account:

1. Send press releases via snail mail to selected editors
2. Write thank you cards
3. Send postcards or sales letters
4. Put up promo fliers
5. Do speaking engagements
6. Attend live networking meetings
7. Make follow up phone calls to prospects and clients
8. Mail a monthly print newsletter
9. Hold an event
10. Attend conferences

Got thoughts on this subject, or any more ideas for marketing a business without using online tactics? Please do share by leaving a comment below…

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