Taka break-you will feel better!

Everyone needs to take a break sometimes.  Evelyn Parham, owner of http://www.evelynparham, shares her thoughts on why we all need to take a break!

There is so much more to life than working. What is there to life?

There is life… you must get out there and enjoy it. You only pass this way once. Soon you will look around and wonder where the time went. Get out there and make the time count for something.

There are some people who never take breaks to enjoy time with family and friends. There’s a saying and it goes something like this, “All work and no play, makes Jack and Jill a dull boy and girl.” This means that without time from work a person becomes dull and boring.

Dull and boring is not something you want to be known as. It is not good for you as a person and it is not good for your overall health (mind, body and spirit).

Taking a break from everything is like stopping for gas to fill-up the tank. You may be running on empty, have low energy, have loss of interest in the things you use to love, but once you fill-up your tank by taking a break, you find yourself back in the game running on full.

When you take a break you find yourself feeling better in more ways than one. You feel better taking breaks because it helps you:

1. Get rejuvenated. Rejuvenation is when you are restored, refreshed and revived. Even your very appearance changes after some much needed relaxation.

2. Be more energetic. When you work non-stop without breaks, you are bound to run low on energy. One of the ways you can get your energy levels back up, is to take a chill pill and just stop doing and simply be.

3. Be more optimistic. If you keep going and going and going, you will soon lose your optimism and passion for those things you love the most. Keep the pessimistic attitude out of the equation by relaxing.

4. Be more creative. Sometimes you will feel that you cannot create anything and that there is something blocking you from being the creative person that you are. But there is really nothing blocking you. Stepping away can get your creativity flowing again.

5. Find your center. Never taking breaks can get you off your path/goal. Whenever this happens, you feel lost out in the middle of no where. Being still and quiet is a form of taking a break, because it allows you to focus.

6. Enjoy life. You do not want others to think of you as dull and boring. Taking time to get away from it all almost forces you to enjoy life.

Do not wait until you think you can schedule a time to take a break, do it whenever your mind, body and spirit feel they need a break.

Be still, quiet and listen. Do you hear the ticking of the clock? It is now time for you to take that much needed break. Your mind, body and spirit have spoken.

About Evely:  Evelyn Parham is a wife, mother, blogger, and health enthusiast. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, and playing around with video editing.

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