“Play Time” = Business Success

When you started your business, did you anticipate you would have to give up life for your “job” or was your dream to gain better work-life balance? You probably started your business because you had a lot of passion and creative ideas that would fill the wants and needs of your ideal customer. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you also have lots of great ideas and you are anxious to get them all implemented. The bottle neck, from concept to reality, is the time, energy and resources that are needed. If you are the resource and energy needed to move your business ideas forward, and you are low on motivation or creativeness or if you are unproductive, your business can come to a grinding halt.

Taking time off from your business is challenging, but it’s also vital. If we think of our bodies as a finely tuned machine, it is important for us to provide proper maintenance on a routine basis in order for it to be a high performer. As an entrepreneur, you are the foundation and the leader of your business. If you don’t take time to take care of yourself business will suffer, if not immediately, definitely in the future. Increased mistakes, reduced productivity, strained relationships and even burn-out can sideline your great plans and hard work.

No matter what you do to reenergize yourself, it should be enjoyable and something you look forward to such as: a spa treatment, reading a novel, visiting a museum, attending a concert or movie, time on a hobby,  taking a nice walk in your favorite park, or sitting and listening to ocean waves. One of my personal favorites is reading…I love a good book, especially mysteries!

What You can Do

1. Each day, schedule your top three priorities that will move your business forward and get them done. Focus on what’s important and necessary!

2. Delegate or outsource work you don’t have to do yourself. Learn to delegate to a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, or other team member so you have more time to lead your business.

3. Set up systems and expectations for all team members and tasks. Systems help ensure that everyone knows what and how to do each task, deadlines and resources needed. Job descriptions, expectations, and milestones are all valuable components.

4. Change your thinking! You’re worth it! Your “me” time isn’t just a guilty pleasure. It is a time to free your mind, disengage and recharge. As a business owner you chose entrepreneurship because you wanted to pursue your passion and have more control over your life.

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