The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

I found this on Pinterest  and thought it would be something helpful for those of you planning a new website landing page design. This is a visual breakdown of the most important elements that should be considered when planning the design of a landing page. Some of these points can apply for regular homepages as well. It also shares some helpful tips on color and what each one represents.

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Here is a quick breakdown on the elements that should be considered when designing a website landing page:

  • Page Headlines & Copy – Should be consistent and complimentary
  • Clear & Concise Headlines – Should hold the reader’s attention and compell them to read more
  • Impeccable Grammar – Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Taking Advantage of  Trust Indicators – Build trust by including testimonials, security certification, etc
  • Use a Strong Call to Action – Clear message so that reader knows what to do next
  • Buttons and Call to Action should stand out and placed below the call to action
  • Go easy on the Links – limit distractions by keeping it simple
  • Use Images and Video that relate to Copy
  • Keep it Above the Fold – The most important parts of the page should be easily seen before the visitor has to scroll down
  • Always Test – update & change images, video, and content to see what works better and what gets you more conversions
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