One Small Change = Big Impact


Today I want to tell you about one small change that can make a really big impact on your business success. This is one of those things that seems like a total no-brainer. Yet I’m always amazed by how many entrepreneurs still aren’t taking doing this.

What is it…?

..…It’s using your Website domain for your email address.

If your email address ends in,,, gmail or any other name other than your own domain name (ie: your Web address), you are missing out on free advertising. Even if you have “your business name” @, it still doesn’t have the same marketing impact.


1) Because having a Website gives your business a lot of credibility. If your email doesn’t end with your Web address then your business doesn’t look as successful, established or legit. When it does, you instantly seem more professional.

2) More importantly, when your email address is linked to your Website, every time you send an email people see it.  And every time you hand out your business card, people see it two or even three times.

When someone sees your business name over and over, it becomes more familiar. Studies have shown that when consumers have to choose between two similar products, all other things being equal they are far more likely to choose the more familiar name.

3) People will see your Web address in your email, and get online to check it out ( I do this all the time!). Free advertising like this just can not be beat.

The best part about making this change is that it is incredibly easy, and usually doesn’t cost a thing. All you need is a domain name. Most Web hosting companies—including the ones that sell domain names—offer a certain number of email addresses (usually anywhere from 3 to 10) at no extra cost as part of your hosting package.

You don’t have to give up your current email address. Simply have your hosting company forward all the mail to your current email address. Once you have your new email address, put it on everything! Add it to your letterhead. Make sure it’s on your business card. And give it out to everyone.

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