My New Enterprise

Interest in entrepreneurship is booming!  More people than ever before are trying to start and operate their own business. Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 500,000 people each month are in the process of launching a new venture.  As a result, millions of households in this country are having experiences with entrepreneurial activities.

At My New Enterprise, you will find some of the most innovative and engaging resources available to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business builders create successful ventures.  They can help turn ideas into opportunities, opportunities into business models, and business models into thriving organizations.

My New Enterprise was developed by top level, internationally recognized and celebrated entrepreneurs who fully understand the stages of business growth and want to empower those entering this space in an affordable, accessible manner. The value of the product offerings is tremendous-  engaging videos, well-developed assessments and exercises, and even access to mentoring by industry experts at a reduced rate.

The idea for My New Enterprise started nearly 20 years ago with a simple question: “If we examine the actions of a wide variety of successful entrepreneurs in a wide variety of businesses in a wide variety of industries, will we find a handful of leadership practices common to their success stories?  The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Available tools and resources include video training programs, business assessment tools, and workbooks. These training modules will help aspiring entrepreneurs mitigate many of the risks associated with starting a new company and increase their likelihood for success.

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