Me Time

Between the house, kids, husband, bills, work, and everything else that gets tossed on your plate, there always seems to be one person that gets overlooked: you! But just because you’re up to your neck with activities and responsibilities (not to mention everyone else’s) doesn’t mean you need to leave yourself out of the mix.

Here are a few tricks to help you find (and keep) some time for ‘me time’:

1: Bundle Up

While no amount of wishful thinking will help you escape your weekly errands and chores, there’s still a way to make all of your ‘must do’s’ work in your favor. Try to bundle all of your errands and appointments in as few clusters as possible. Not only will you save tons of time that would otherwise be wasted shuttling to and from your destinations, you’ll give your car a much needed break from all those ‘city’ miles, which as we all know, can really add up!

2: Seize the Opportunity

Sure, we could all benefit from a little more time in the day (if not to get more done, then for a full night’s rest), but there are tricks to help you make the most of the time you already have. Try to line up some spare moments for yourself during family down time, such as when the kids are busy with after school clubs or during nap hour. And if conflicting schedules keep you from enjoying a little me time (all those practices and play dates never seem line up!) hiring a mother’s helper a few afternoons a week is sure to do the trick as well.

3: Keep Everyone in the Know

Once you’ve managed to secure a little time for yourself, don’t forget to let your loved ones in on your personal plans as well. Discussing the details in advance and blocking the time on your family calendar will prevent you from having to ditch your plans at the last minute due to an unforeseen conflict. Then once you’re squared away with your family, kick back and relax – it’s definitely well deserved!

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