Living A Balanced Life

Being a female entrepreneur has its advantages! You have the freedom to live your life as you choose while fullfilling your dreams and reaching your goals! This new freedom can also bring on a lot of new stress. It’s a known fact that being an entrepreneur is not easy. It’s hard to balance your business with your family and with your individual needs and desires.

All of this stress can have a negative effect on your happiness and satisfaction. Your successes and achievements don’t feel as good as they should because you’re already onto the next task – no time to celebrate. And stress has a scientifically proven effect on health and longevity.

Here are a few ways to eliminate stress and live a balanced life:

Schedule time for yourself – Schedule time for yourself every day! While you are making appointments and to-do lists, take some time to schedule some time for something you like to do. Take time to exercise, spend time with girlfriends, get a manicure, or just schedule time to sit down and catch up on all your favorite tv show.

Outsource – Did you know you can actually outsource much of your work at a surprisingly low cost? In fact, it actually makes sense to outsource tasks, particularly if it frees your time to focus on other more profitable tasks. Common tasks to outsource are administrative tasks, marketing tasks like updating your website, blog or social media outlets and even tasks like household cleaning.

Leave work at the office – Whether you have a home-based office or an outside office, it’s important to set limits for yourself. Yes there will always be something we need to do but the truth is that there will always be something else we need to do! You can’t do it all in one day. Set some boundaries for yourself and stick to them.

Embrace technology – It’s amazing what technology can do to make life easier. We can automate our customer service, remind us of appointments, stay on track financially, automate our product fulfillment process, and stay in touch with customers on a regular basis. Without creating more work for yourself, embrace technology to help make your life easier.

A balanced life is important for everyone and it’s particularly important for female entrepreneurs. Remember your health is just as important as your business so take the time to create a balanced life and have fun along the way!

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