Live Chat Software-Do you need it?


If you’re looking to invigorate your website site and improve your customer relations, it might be time to look into reliable live chat software. Each live chat service works a little differently. The software can be web-based or loaded on the company’s computers. Some have one-time costs, others charge monthly fees; some are operated by the e-commerce site’s employees, and others by outside operators.

Here are four tips to consider when looking to add live chat capabilities into your website :

1. Look into what your site can host.  It is important that once the live chat service goes up,  you don’t have any hiccups that may drive away customers. Consequently, he’s been looking into whether or not any chat.  For example, some programs don’t work well Macs. Most major live chat programs work with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, but it can be harder to find a reliable program that works with Mac OS.

2. Determine whether you’ll want to administrate the service yourself. Live chat can be administrated either by the company that manages the e-commerce site or by an outside service,  like call center for live chat .If you’re going to have your own employees administrate the live chat and answer questions throughout the day in addition to other responsibilities, it makes sense to ensure that the program you choose allows for mobile access. Mobile access can mean a variety of things in these days of tablets and smart phones, but for someone who wants to be able to access their live chat almost any time and from any location with Internet access.

3. Consider how live chat will help your business.  Live chat can be useful when trying to make a quick sale, answer customer questions, and is a good way to communicated when people don’t want to send an email or make a phone call. Live chat may not cause an immediate increase in sales but is an effective customer service tool. Live chat is also a helpful analytical tool. You can set it to tell where people are chatting from, which can help you direct traffic on your site.

Below are a few providers worth considering:

Website Alive, which starts at $29.95 a month for the first two operators. Website Alive’s mobile capabilities mean that you will be able to connect to your live chat service through a tablet computer or a smart phone. Website Alive works on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, and allows users to transfer live chat data from a work computer to a mobile device.

Live Chat, which runs $36 a month for one operator, works with the Mac OS and has received positive reviews.

LiveHelp Now, which costs only $21 a month for the first operator. LiveHelp Now also provides a website statistics summary that summarizes a user’s IP address, web brower, and general location, which may help your business focus sales and marketing

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