Laptop Bag Essentials Every Woman Needs

Having a few essentials tucked away in your laptop bag can make your day easier, and it’ll save you time and a headache when things don’t go as planned. Here’s our list of top 10 essentials for every woman:

1. USB stick
You never know when you’re going to need to share a file that’s too big–or too sensitive–to send by email. Or when the wi-fi is going to decide it just doesn’t want to work.

2. Laptop and smartphone chargers
Useful for work on-the-go, and because smartphones die, even if you faithfully charge them every night. It’s particularly helpful if you can get spare chargers to keep in your bag, so they’ll be there no matter how fast you have to run out the door. Many coffee shops—including airport coffee shops—have public outlets somewhere along the wall. They don’t advertise them, but generally won’t object to you using them if you’ve bought yourself a drink.

3. Key phone numbers, on a piece of paper
In case of emergency, it’s good to have a list of critical numbers on paper in the event your smartphone goes dead or gets stolen.

4. Business cards
Having a few extras on hand is always a good idea.

5. Notebook or pad of paper
You can’t write everything down on your smartphone (yet). Even a small one can work.

6. Pens
See above. Notebooks aren’t much good without them.

7. Band-aids.
Good to have if you find yourself with a blister from your new heels. Can also double (in a pinch) for tape or adhesive.

8. Advil or your choice of pain medicine
Because looking for the nearest CVS or Walgreens isn’t always an option.

9. Tampons/Personal Products
So you have them if you or a friend needs them. End of story. Secret compartments and velcro pockets for stashing them are key, though—you don’t need them falling out of your bag every time you grab your laptop.

10. $20 cash
Tucked away, so it’s there in case of emergency!

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