International Freelancers Academy

The International Freelancers Academy continues this quest for inspiration and actionable information through free weekly training episodes — keeping the home fires burning brightly all year long until the next International Freelancers Day in 2011! (That’s right, the BIG event is happening again next year! Get on our email list so you can stay tuned.)

The International Freelancers Academy is all about helping freelancers, consultants and solopreneurs transform their solo businesses. They this by providing you with FREE weekly training that’s both practical and actionable — training that will enable you to boost your income so you can have the freedom you need to design the life you want.
There’s plenty of advice out there on how to grow your freelance income. But let’s face it, you’re probably not looking for more advice. What you really need is training. Specifically, training that transforms your solo businesses.And that’s what International Freelancers Academy is all about.
So if you’re:

  • Not sure what to do to grow your business profitably,
  • Struggling to figure out how to land better clients and projects,
  • Searching for proven and sustainable ways to boost your income faster,
  • Tired of feeling anxious about what the future holds for your business,
  • Looking to make tangible, transformative improvements in your solo business, or…
  • Wanting to create the kind of business that ushers in more freedom into your life…

You’ll find the practical and proven training you need at  the International Freelancers Academy.

Each training episode includes valuable strategies, systems and ideas that are proven to yield results. Also, each episode concludes with a simple assignment to help you put the ideas into practice IMMEDIATELY. That’s because studies have shown that the faster you apply new material, the higher your chances of success with that material.

Just one more way International Freelancers Academy is different from the mountains of business-building advice out there!

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