How to Choose a Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, there are certain things to consider. For example, it is almost always a bad idea to have a domain name that is too long or too complex, because people will be less likely to stumble upon your website, and it may be less likely to appear in relevant Google searches.

Let’s say you’ve started a bakery called Sue’s Bakery, in New York City. You don’t want the domain name “,” if instead you can have “” The more simple name is almost always the better name – if someone were to walk by your bakery in person and make a mental note to look it up to read its menu or check its hours, that person might be unable to find your website if it were as complicated as “” – however, “” would probably be the first thing they tried. You can see how a simple domain name will likely bring more visitors to your site.

Another good idea when picking your domain name might be to register a few similar domain names as well. For example, make “” your main website – but also purchase the rights to “” or “” for example, so that competitors cannot use these names for themselves. Essentially, you can monopolize the name of your website by also registering other, similar names.

Ultimately you have a lot of options when choosing a domain name, but these are some basic thoughts to help get you started.

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