How To Build The Right Team

To build a strong business, you need a team of professionals and others who can support what you’re doing in the business either with professional skills, personal support or serving in a business advisory capacity.  You know the saying “Behind every successful man is a good woman”. Well, behind every successful woman is a team of supporters—both professional and personal who help propel her to the top. Now, supporters generally come in two forms: advisors and specialists. Some you hire, some you pay for, and some you obtain through networking and outreach. Obviously, you want to obtain your team as inexpensively as possible, but don’t be afraid to pay for experience and expertise if necessary. Smart people at your side can save you years of hard work–and missteps.

There are some basic professional services every business should have such as an an accountant, an insurance agent, a lawyer, and a banker. You should also consider utilitizing  professional business coach, business mentor, or an expert to help you grow your business. Make a list of everyone you’ve ever known or met personally who might be of assistance. Relatives, old college friends, sorority sisters, church members old and new, and even friends of friends may have the perspective you need. Remember, objectivity is personality-based, not relationship-based. If a person is mature, experienced and knowledgeable, they can be of value to you.

Look for people with proven experience working with business in your industry or with companies’ of similar size. In the early days of a business, every penny counts. You’re right to manage costs and not add people until you absolutely have to, even if you have the cash reserves to support the payroll. However, the most expensive advice of all is free advice from a poor source. Get great advice and great help, even if you have to pay for it. It’ll be worth it!

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