How I Stay Organized

Does your phone,  computer and email overwhelm you?  You are not alone! Many of use face the same problem. Running an online business requires I spend a lot of time on my computer and using my email. My inbox ia always full and it can be difficult to stay organized and not get overwhelmed overwhelming. Hhere are some simple ways that I use to keep my email inbox, my computer, and my phone from becoming cluttered and disorganized.

Organize your inbox

I use folders for everything! Because of my online business, I can’t and don’t delete the majority of the emails I get, since I need to save most of them for future reference, etc.

Each one of my clients has their own folder in my inbox. This makes navigating my inbox and finding past emails from certain clients or for certain projects easy. I also have folders set up for personal emails  as well as folders for newsletters and other messages.

De-clutter your computer

Another area that tends to get cluttered up and disorganized over time is your computer. Whether it be client documents, personal photo collections, or the software you use to run your business it’s easy for your computer to get pretty cluttered pretty fast. Here are two ways that I use to keep my computer from becoming disorganized :

Tip #1: Backing up my computer regularly. Having an uncluttered, well-performing computer is well worth is a must. You can invest in an external hard drive or use an online storage service such as Dropbox or Mozy. I use Dropbox to backup all of my documents, photos, files, folders, and anything else I can think of! I also use Dropbox as a way for customers share information about their projects.

Tip #2: Again, I use folders! And subfolders! By keeping the documents and photos, etc., that you can’t back up to the external hard drive and then delete, in their own folders and subfolders on your computer, you will find it fairly easy to navigate and find what you need when you need it and your computer will look and be neat and organized.

Get rid of unused phone apps

It’s always a good idea to go thru your phone and uninstall any apps that you aren’t using anymore. You should also delete photos, text messages, and emails that you nol longer need.  I notice a big difference in my phone speed when I “clean” it up. else that has been there for a long time but I no longer need or want.
Those are my tips for keeping your phone, computer and email under control….what tips would you like to share?
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