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If you have ever dreamed or fantasized of having your product in a retail store, now is your chance! Baby GiGi’s Boutique is now accepting new products to place in its new store located in Indianapolis. With no wholesale deductions, no commissions per each of your products sold, and no consignments or wholesale fees you can’t pass on this great opportunity! This is a great way to expand your online business and to increase your brand and product awareness.

What is Baby GiGi’s Boutique?
Baby GiGi’s Boutique is a true retail store that helps those who own websites offering products for infants, babies, toddlers and children up to age five (5) as well as for mommy products and gift products. They take your products and place them inside their retail store for customers to purchase. This is a true way for you as a website owner to set your own retail price! GiGi’s Boutique will sell your products to their off-line customers. They DO NOT offer wholesale, commissions, drop shipment, or consignment. This allows YOU to earn what your products are worth. They do all the marketing and promotion of your products. It’s a dream come true! Get your products to them today! Visit for more information on GiGi’s boutique and to learn how to take your online boutique to the next level!

Inside GiGi's Boutique

Inside GiGi's Boutique

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