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Are you searching for ways to make your business more profitable, looking for ways to attract your ideal clients, or wondering what social media is all about? Check out some of these FREE resources…I am sure you will find information that will be very helpful in your business.

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Top 10 Tips- How To Build A Profitable Business Plan
by Ellen Rohr, Bare Bones Biz

It takes a bit of discipline to craft a winning Biz Plan and a profitable business. However, it shouldn’t be a chore. It should be fun! Biz Planning can be a powerful exercise in creativity and manifestation of your dreams. Open your mind and engage Ellen Rohr’s Top Ten Tips: How to Build a Profitable Business Plan. Have fun gaining clarity on your business vision and making your dreams come true.

Baby Budget (a customizable spreadsheet)

by Ellen Rohr, Bare Bones Biz

This freebie is one that Ellen and the Bare Bones Biz crew set up just for friends of Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine! Ellen’s Baby Budget is a simple, customizable spreadsheet that helps you set Goals and craft a winning Selling Price based on YOUR numbers. This super simple budgeting program may be a good starting point for someone who has never done any budgeting before. You can build a Baby Budget for any time period…a week, a month or a year.

The Entrepreneur´s Social Media Workout
by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur´s Social Media Workout is a fantastic free book that gives you the nuts and bolts of a great workout. This book will help you shape up and get social media savvy in no time. Plus it will allow you to make sense of all the tools available to you and how to apply them in an integrated way to your marketing efforts.

10 Free Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fan Base FAST
by Elizabeth Southall, DotComDiva

This is a guide to promoting your biz on Facebook. Inside you’ll discover Facebook Group vs. Fan Page (which is better for your biz), how to get 65% more comments, likes and shares from your fans, how to get other fan pages to drive their fans to yours, plus tonnes more!

How To Attract Your Ideal Clients By Design…An Interview with Client Attraction Specialist, Karen Dodd

by Karen Dodd, New Clients by Design

Are you frustrated by not having a steady stream of qualified clients? Do you struggle with not having enough time to market your business consistently? Do you wish you could put your client attraction program on auto-pilot? On this free CD, Client Attraction Specialist, Karen Dodd, explains exactly what you need to do to attract your Ideal Clients easily and authentically.

5 Ways to Break Through Your Impasse & Catapult Yourself to the Next Level
by Catherine Rocheleau, Ignite Solutions Consulting

This 17 page report explores the obstacles that face us in life and at work which prevent us from moving forward to achieve great success.

The Spark Connector (weekly e-zine)
by Catherine Rocheleau, Ignite Solutions Consulting

The Spark Connector, which provides articles and insights on topics related to leadership, change and success for business owners and executives in senior or middle management.  A great leader’s strategy balances head, heart and ego, personally and in business, to achieve sustainable leadership, change and success.  The Spark Connector will address these issues in the coming weeks and months. (Note: This link actually takes you to the same website listed above for “5 Ways to…” You can access the ezine and 17-page report from the same website.)

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