Free eBook Resources For Freelancers

Free eBook Resources For Freelancers

  1. Using the Social Web to Find Work by Chris Brogan. Finding work is something every freelancer is interested in. Although this short guide (19 pages) is several years old, it still does an excellent job of covering the basics of finding work through social media.
  2. Personal Branding by Chris Brogan. Another short guide (15 pages) from Chris Brogan that freelancers may find useful. This one covers the basics of personal branding, which is something that every freelancer needs to understand.
  3. What Matters Now by Seth Godin. This free 82-page eBook from Seth Godin is a collection of thoughts and quotes from well-known bloggers and thinkers on important topics. Each topic is about a page long. Use this book for inspiration.
  4. Getting Started in Blogging from Sharon Hurley Hall. This great resource (53 pages) takes you step by step through the process of creating your own blog to the end goals of monetizing your blog and/or running your blog as a business. I found this book to be very readable.
  5. More Time Now: Time Management Made Simple Again from Dave Navarro. Time management is one of the biggest problems freelancers face. Dave understands the time challenge freelancers face and addresses the problem in this free 40-page resource.
  6. Guide to Guerilla Freelancing. In this compact eBook (22 pages), Mike Smith packs in information on how to start your freelancing business for a minimum amount of money, red flags to look out for, benefits and drawbacks to freelancing, and more.
  7. 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. This great resource from Michael Stelzner summarizes results from 1900 survey respondents. Learn how to use social media effectively. Although this short report (33 pages) is based on survey information, if you depend on social media in any way this is worth reading.
  8. Startup 101: Introducing Our Serialized “How to Build a Startup” Book. Rather than an eBook you can download, this resource from ReadWriteStart is an online book that you can read chapter by chapter (or rather, post by post). The link above takes you to the table of contents.
  9. Seek and Destroy eBook by Peter Shallard. This 61-page eBook discusses some of the common obstacles entrepreneurs face and explains how to overcome them. If your business is stuck and you can’t figure out why, Peter may have the answer.
  10. Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuinness from Wishful Thinking. Do you struggle to find enough time to get everything done? This book is here to help. Over 30 pages on how to manage your time better. (I like that it’s directed to creative people, because I think that fits most freelancers.)

I’ve shared over ten excellent free eBooks with you. However, the web is vast and I’m sure that I’ve missed a few good resources. What is your favorite free eBook for freelancing?

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